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Haley Comet is a Western astrologer who studies the stars and plays in the waves in San Diego, Calif. She was born at the peak of a full moon and named after a comet, which set the tone for her mystical, cosmic life. You can follow up with her take on the cosmos on her instagram @haleycometastrology or her blog at   Happy November! Please read your sun and your ascendant sign for maximum...
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Haley Comet is a Western astrologer who studies the stars and plays in the waves in San Diego, Calif. She was born at the peak of a full moon and named after a comet, which set the tone for her mystical, cosmic life. You can follow up with her take on the cosmos on her instagram @haleycometastrology or her blog at


Happy November! Please read your sun and your ascendant sign for maximum accuracy. Your sun sign is the sign you likely already know, determined by your date of birth. If you don’t know your ascendant / rising sign, if you know the time you were born, a quick Google search can illuminate it for you.


Aries –

Rams, as the first sign of the zodiac, you all thrive in novelty. Rejoice, because November has some drastic shifts and changes for you all! Whereas other signs tend to crave security, you’re a sign of adventure and variety, so you can find yourself coasting through November while other signs flounder. The month starts out with the planet of eccentricity, Uranus, heading back into your sign. Aries born in the last two days of the season or if you have your Aries rising between 25-29 degrees will be feeling the call for transformation the most. Uranus is the great awakener, so the later degrees rams can experience a powerful revelation in November that redirects their chosen course of life thus far. Venus heads direct this month in your 7th house of partnerships, so if there’s been issues in your romantic, business or personal relationships, this problem will begin to dissolve from the middle of the month onwards, creating more balance and harmony in your life. The same day, though, Mercury begins its retrograde journey through your 9th house and it squares Neptune – hold onto your belongings, you impulsive rams! You could find that your phone, your computer or an important email just vanishes in thin air because you were so focused on the big picture or the vision of it all – stay connected to the details in November! This month, the nodes of fate (how juicy does that sound!) also shift into your fellow cardinal signs, Cancer and Capricorn, indicating a year and a half for you to dive more into matters of home, family and psychological state. You may lose interest in some element of your career, public persona or reputation in order to pay more attention to personal matters. Mars will also begin transiting your 12th of hidden worlds, subconscious, behind the scenes house when it enters Pisces on November 15th, so you may feel the call to be more private, spend more time alone.


Jupiter is wrapping up its year long transit in Scorpio and this planet of luck gives gifts when it exits one sign and enters the next one. Expect some benefits around money you receive from other people, inheritances, taxes or money that is owed to you from someone else. The Scorpio new moon on November 7th would be a beneficial time to set intentions regarding investments, alimony, or business partners if you wish for this sector of life to blossom. When Jupiter enters Sagittarius Nov. 8, you’ll be feeling a burst of inspiration, motivation and drive. The cosmos have been in very few fire signs this year, so you’ll be in your element when we get some more fiery energy in the cosmos. Sagittarius rules your 9th house of travel, spirituality, higher learning and luck – so this yearlong transit would be an ideal time to book that flight to Thailand you’ve been dreaming about, finally register for that course that’s caught your eye or start visiting the Buddhist temple you’ve been curious about. The theme of this lucky transit is EXPANSION – spice up your life, rams!


Taurus –

When our planetary ruler goes retrograde in the cosmos, we tend to feel a bit more slow and stagnant. However, bulls, your planet, Venus, heads direct this month so you’ll be feeling some momentum quicken…especially when it comes to your finances, which I know you money-minded bulls like! With Jupiter moving into your 8th house of other people’s money, you can benefit in a major way from investments, collaborations and mutual resources with others. Jupiter is the planet of luck so if you’ve been looking for someone to invest in an idea you have or a new business partner, this year long transit is here to support your efforts. Mercury does head backwards in this part of your chart towards the end of the month, so review any business partner contracts or investments presented to you by others very carefully, as Mercury retrograde is prone to misunderstandings and overlooking details.


In November, the North Node of fate will move into your 3rd house of communication, networking, new skills, speaking, writing and sales. This is a beautiful opportunity to expand your business if you’re an entrepreneur. If there’s been a hands-on skill you’ve been wanting to learn, the North Node will provide you with a nearly insatiable desire to learn it. Across the North Node, which represents a sector of life that we get obsessed with and find lots of growth in, is the South Node, an area of life we lose interest in. This shift for the next year and a half will represent an opportunity to abandon some aspect of focusing on higher philosophy and traveling. It’s a time of letting go of the broad visions to ground down in reality, in the here and now. Maximize this time by bolstering your practical skills, ramping up your marketing efforts and increasing your online presence.


Gemini –

Twins, you can begin to manifest POWERFULLY in the realm of other people, business partnerships and romantic relationships starting this November. You can hit the cosmic lotto of meeting an expansive, abundant business partner or marriage partner with Jupiter transiting your 7th house of other people. If you’re a single Gemini, you can most definitely meet that special someone this year. Since Jupiter rules freedom, if you’re a taken Gemini, you could be craving wide open spaces, so if you do feel guided to break up with your beloved this year, it’ll be because someone more aligned with your growth is on the horizon – Jupiter is an abundant, lucky planet. Things don’t tend to leave under its influence unless Jupiter has something much better lined up!


Mid month, your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde in your realm of other people, so look over any offers presented to you very carefully. Your ruler squares elusive Neptune as it heads backwards, so if things look too good to be true, they probably are. You’ll be more apt to gloss over the issues or believe in the illusion, so take the time to slow down and analyze the details presented to you. North Node shifts from your 3rd house into your 2nd house, beginning a year and a half long transit of making your finances a major priority in your life. You’ll feel an almost unquenchable thirst to develop new sources of income, make a comfortable financial cushion around yourself and double your salary. With that expansion in the money that you bring in, you may need to let go of some support you’ve been receiving as of late – perhaps you’re no longer eligible for money that comes to you from the government, the scholarship money you won dries up or your partner loses their job, affecting your mutual resources. Fear not, because YOUR earning potential will get a boom well into 2020 so you should still be abundant. Mars is in your 10th house this month so you’ll have a ton of energy for your career matters and begin making some MAJOR moves – set intentions on the Scorpio new moon November 7th around your ideal work environment or work project. The month finishes off with a full moon in your sign on the 22nd – could result in some revelations or a culmination around the work you’ve been doing on yourself the past six months.


Cancer –

Crabs, as the homebody energy of the zodiac, typically you are comfortable within your shell, but with the North Node moving into your sign this month, you’ll be asked to step into the limelight for the next year and a half. North Node in your sign can expand your ego and your personal ambitions, so November will kick off an ambitious time of going after what you truly want with abandon. You can vastly increase your impact on others during this transit. North Node will teach you how to be independent and how not to rely on others, but rather, lean on yourself. You could experience some dissolutions of your partnerships in the next year and a half to drive home this lesson for you. Detach from partnerships and put more focus on your own goals, Cancers. If a toxic partnership or client has been sucking up much of your energy, this transit represents an opportunity to cut the cord and redirect the attention back to yourself.


Jupiter is changing signs, and when this huge benefic planet leaves any sector of our chart, it doesn’t go without leaving a few gifts! It wraps up its journey in your fifth house of creativity and entertainment, so in the beginning of November, you may receive a gift surrounding your children, your creative projects, a fun party or a romantic relationship. On November 9th, Jupiter will enter your sixth house of work environment, coworkers, health and routines – so you can expect this next year to be a time of growth through this section of life. You could begin tackling a work project that excites you or you may feel called to expand your health routines until they’re super supportive for you. If there’s any exciting opportunities that come up this month, take them – Mars enters Pisces Nov. 15 in your sector of higher learning and travel, so you’ll have tons of energy and passion for expanding your world!


Leo –

Lions, with North Node transiting your sign the past year, you’ve been coated in the limelight…exactly how you like it! However, in November that spotlight will start moving away from you into your 12th house of privacy and you’ll be feeling a bit more reserved, more called to spend time in isolation and more apt to dive into your intuition and hidden worlds. Dreams may become more vivid and powerful during the year and a half this transit will be in effect. You may be more open to receive guidance from other realms. Trust your intuition – things will stop being so physical and your guidance will come from within. Across the North Node is the South Node, which represents a sector of our chart which we lose interest in for the next year and a half. You Leos may feel so enamored by the more spiritual aspects of life that you lose touch with certain work responsibilities and health routines. The Scorpio new moon on the 7th of this month also falls in another private house – the 4th house, which rules home, family and emotional state. This is a powerful time to set intentions for a more uplifted, positive psychological state as you enter into this more reserved time of life.


Since Jupiter is entering your fifth house (a Leo-ruled house), it’s not to say that this time of being a bit more behind the scenes will be lonely or depressing. Anything but, you fun-loving Lions! You’ll be feeling like yourself, since the planet of luck is expanding the sector of your chart ruling fun, entertainment, art and romance. Perhaps you use this increased call for alone time to work on your creative projects, to explore a new hobby, connect with your inner child. This yearlong transit is a time for you to truly celebrate and enjoy life!


Virgo –

Get ready for a rush of ambition this month, Virgos! Your ruler starts moving retrograde mid-month so you may experience some stagnancy towards the end of the month. Get your home and family affairs in order at the beginning of the month so you don’t get tripped up too much when Mercury starts moving backwards. Since your ruler squares Neptune in your 7th house of other people, you may be presented with people who are overpromising or misleading you. If the offer being presented to you this month seems too good to be true, it probably is. Double and triple check, reread important documentation and investigate people’s motives when they try to lure you in for a deal. The retrograde won’t be slowing you all down, however! Venus goes direct this month in your 2nd house of money that you earn around the middle of the month, so you’ll feel some positive momentum around your financial dealings. With North Node shifting into your 11th house of friendships, groups and larger audiences, you’ll have a ravenous hunger towards networking and growing your reach. This is a social climbing energy and Mars, the planet of action, will be transiting your sector of your chart ruling other people, supporting any social efforts you make this month. You rational, efficient Virgos may not always enjoy those business happy hours, but November is a good opportunity to pack up your calendar with them! People are your biggest asset this month.


Jupiter shifts into your fourth house on Nov. 9, but before it leaves your third house, it may grant you a lucky break around a business contact, a client or a short term trip. Then, when this lucky planet heads into your place of home, family and psychological state, you could be blessed when trying to find a new property, make your existing home a more lovely place to be or just enjoying a sociable, joyful time with your family. Jupiter also rules foreign places, so if you’ve been considering relocating to a foreign country, this giant benefic planet is supporting you in taking that leap for the next year!


Libra –

You’ll have lots to be thankful for on Thanksgiving this year, scales, because your ruler, Venus, heads direct on November 15th and you’ll start feeling like yourself again! This Venus retrograde period represented a deep reevaluation of your value system, a review of the direction you’re heading in life, a reanalyzing of the relationship you have with yourself self and a reassessment what you find worthy. Once you solidify all of that scales – the rest of November and December you’ll be heading into with a rock solid sense of self and of value.


Planet of luck will be blessing your realm of sales, writing, communicating, teaching and speaking for the next year. Jupiter will be in its home sign of Sagittarius – and Sagittarius is a BIG energy so you can expect major expansion in this sector of life. Utilize this next year to learn new skills, make yourself more marketable, ramp up your advertising and expand your community of contacts. The North Node of fate shifts into your 10th house, which will trigger for you this insatiable need for you to succeed in a public domain, in your career and with your social status. South Node will be in your fourth house, so you might be feeling disconnected with family or want to run away from certain home responsibility in order to focus more on career and reputation this next year and a half. You scales are all about balance – remember to balance out your personal relationships and family time during this next year and a half of ambitiously pursuing matters of career!


Scorpio –

Happy birthday, Scorpios! Scorpions, you’ve been having a lucky year with Jupiter transiting your sign this past year and before it leaves your sign entirely, it’ll give you some final gifts in the beginning of the month. Expect a lucky break the first week of November. You start this month with a new moon in your sign on the 7th – a powerful time to set intentions for what you wish to cultivate over the next 12 months. When Jupiter travels to Sagittarius on the 8th, you’ll be expanding your self worth, how you value yourself and how much money you make. Since Jupiter rules foreign lands and 2nd house is the money that you earn, consider expanding your business abroad or perhaps taking advantage of some foreign financial opportunities in this next year. Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius on November 15th, so you may have some miscommunications or slowdowns around your finances – reread before you sign important financial documents!


As you move into this next trip around the sun, think BIG scorpions! North Node will move into your 9th house, kicking off a year and a half long transit of you being passionate about expanding your belief system, identifying spiritual and academic opportunities and traveling. You’ll be less interested with the same old, same old and more inclined to want to expand your horizons. This transit represents a potent opportunity to grow through travel opportunities – so Scorpions, start doing your Brazil, Paris or Japan research! You could also expand your horizons in an intellectual or academic way if traveling isn’t realistic this year.  9th house is a very broad, expansive, inspirational energy, so if you feel inspired, consider channeling it creatively – Mars in Pisces enters your 5th house of creativity this month. You also could be inspired to dedicate more time and effort into your dating life in November – go get ‘em, Scorpions!


Sagittarius –

Sagittarians, as optimistic as you are, it’s been a rough couple of years with Saturn bothering you, but with your ruling planet entering your sign this month, your unlucky streak is officially over. You’re entering a POWERFULLY abundant time for you. Starting in November going into late 2019, you’ll be feeling uplifted, inspired and expansive. The Jupiter in Scorpio story likely had you feeling more private, more spiritual, more inclined to keep to yourself but with this giant planet now transiting your 1st house of identity, you’ll be ready to manifest some powerful new beginnings in your life. Your actions will start getting results in a physical way. People will notice what you’re doing and you’ll have Lady Luck on your side.


As if that’s not exciting enough, Sagittarians, you also have North Node entering your 8th house this month, which will bring in a year and half of increase new starts. 8th house rules transformation, phoenix-like energy, so you can no longer go back to the comfort of a new you. There can be some sort of symbolic death of a relationship or of a previous version of yourself, but trust you’re shedding your skin into the best version of yourself. You could benefit from someone else’s resources throughout this transit too – manifesting lucrative business partnerships, investments or dividends of some sort. With South Node in your 2nd house of money you earn, some stream of income may vanish this next year and a half – fear not. Don’t try to hold onto what’s being taken away, trust that new is coming in…because with your ruler is such a prominent position, LUCK is on your side!


Capricorn –

Oh, Capricorns, your chart is getting lit up like a Christmas tree with Saturn, Pluto and now the South Node all in your sign! Pluto is calling you to transform, to tear down the old version of you. Saturn is calling you to rebuild yourself in a powerful way. With South Node now joining the Capricorn party in November, you’ll likely feel a dissolution of identity. It can indicate a time of feeling a bit lost. Your North Node will begin its transit in your 7th house of other people, so you may feel like your one to one relationships in your life are your main priority. You’ll meet very ambitious, powerful people this next year and a half that can open important doors for you, so allow partnerships in your life to be a priority for you.


Jupiter enters your 12th house of subconscious, hidden worlds, dreams and insights from the invisible world this month indicating a time of increased spirituality for you in the year to come. You’re all about hard work, and this Jupiter in Sagittarius transit until November 2019 could be a powerful time to direct that hard work towards your subconscious processes. You may experience some loss of career, loss of some status, professional identity – yet know that is not TRULY you. Disconnect from who you think you are. Challenge yourself to become the observer of your own life. This can be a deeply spiritual time for you, as we enter into a darker time of year and eventually your birthday season. Disconnect with the physical world and tune into your soul.


Aquarius –

Happy November, water bearers! You’ve had an interesting time with South Node transiting your 1st house this past year and a half – it’s been a period of making the focus be about other people, allowing yourself to take the behind the scenes role, allowing those around you to steer the ship of your own life. This past year and a half could have been a time of ending or manifesting fated relationships. Starting in November, your North Node will now expand into your sector of work environment, routines and health, Aquarians, so the spotlight of your relationships will ease up a bit. You may become obsessed with diet or fitness routines, get super ambitious when it comes to your work or become really immersed into cleanliness, order and routine. With the South Node now in your 12th house, you won’t be very interested in spiritual pursuits – you’re more interested in maximizing this time and making your world around you as efficient and productive as possible.


Jupiter is wrapping up its journey of expanding your 10th house of career, public persona and reputation, but it won’t depart without leaving a gift or two – you can expect some sort of recognition, promotion or a leadership position on a professional project before the month is up. Then, the Jupiter in Sagittarius journey will begin, signaling a time for you to gain from your reputation and your social circle. This is a networking expansive time for you – so go out, be social, network!  Enjoy more gains, more popularity, new important friends or new mentors. There may be some sort of miscommunication within your social circle when Mercury goes retrograde in this sector of your chart starting on November 15. With Mars in Pisces entering your 2nd house of money you earn, you’ll be super dedicated to up your money flow and make the most of fall time.


Pisces –

Happy November, fishies! Your traditional ruler, Jupiter, is moving from the intensely deep dark waters of Scorpio into the positive, uplifting flames of Sagittarius. With this shift, you’re going to start feeling more uplifted and confident, fish!  You can begin to manifest some powerful opportunities in your work – you could receive a position of higher recognition, you may feel a burst in your social status, your reputation can improve or your business could skyrocket in the next year. Mercury goes retrograde on the 15th in your sector of career, so you may need to rework something about your career, review your professional plans, reevaluate where you want your career to go. Think of it as a temporary opportunity to slow down and ensure that you really want the vision you’ve created – because this next year represents an opportunity to skyrocket into that professional vision of yours…and you want to be sure you catapult to where you really want to be!


The karmic fated nodes are also shifting this November, Pisceans, and your area of focus for the next year and a half is the 5th house of creativity, romantic affairs and children. Fish, typically you’re happy swimming in your dream world, but with this transit, you’ll feel called to be acknowledged for your creativity. Use that imagination to create writing you’re proud of, show off your acting chops in theater, join a dance troupe, invest in some painting supplies – the sound of the applause will be addictive this next year and a half!


Written by Haley Comet

Haley Comet


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