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Aries –   You rams are a sign of action and not necessarily a sign of planning – so you likely FLEW through the hectic energy of January! You’re keeping the forward motion from January bulldozing into February with tons of energy with your ruler, Mars, still in your sign for the first half of the month. You may be feeling a sense of urgency, a now or never feeling with your ruler hanging out...
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Aries –


You rams are a sign of action and not necessarily a sign of planning – so you likely FLEW through the hectic energy of January! You’re keeping the forward motion from January bulldozing into February with tons of energy with your ruler, Mars, still in your sign for the first half of the month. You may be feeling a sense of urgency, a now or never feeling with your ruler hanging out with Uranus, the planet of unexpected events and eccentricities, but make sure to move slowly and to pay attention to what you’re doing, as this energy could result in accidents or rushing things.  You’ll feel a more grounded shift halfway through the month when Mars enters Taurus, entering the money sector of your chart – you may feel more apt to channel your abundant energy into financial and professional matters. With the planet of money, Venus, gathered at your career part of your chart with serious Saturn and transformative Pluto, you may be asking yourself – do I want to be doing this five, ten, fifteen years from now? If not, let me transform my path and refocus my energies. If this is my chosen path, let me get serious and really dedicate myself to it. You Aries are brilliant at starting new endeavors but tend to lose momentum halfway through – with your ruler in patient Taurus, you may find that you’re more patient and more thorough in the second half of the month. In addition to all this career momentum, expect enhanced sensitivity starting this month too, with Chiron, the wounded healer, entering your own sign.Give yourself some space to be emotional, to process if need be, to be patient with your emotions.   

Where you’ll spend Valentine’s Day – late at the office, getting your money up.

Money doesn’t make the worst Valentine and you’ve got some tremendous momentum in your financial and career sectors – make the most of it and save the chocolate and flowers for a different month.


Taurus –

You’re a slow and steady energy, Taurus, but this month you may find you want to push your actions into existence, in a very grounded, practical way. Your ruler Venus, enters a fellow Earth sign, Capricorn, gracing the part of your chart that rules higher learning, opportunities and visions. Her earthiness creates a nice harmonious energy to whatever placements you have in Taurus, allowing you to begin to manifest your visibles in a very real, tangible way. Venus is the sign of pleasure and relationships and she takes on a more serious vibe in Capricorn, joining with Saturn and Pluto. This month is about taking a business-minded look to the people you relate with – is the energy exchange equal? Are your business relationships serving you? Do your romantic relationships inspire you to be the best person of yourself? What is the ROI on the people you invest in? You may have to do some house cleaning if you find there’s an uneven exchange of energy – but it’s also a potent time of new beginnings. The Aquarius new moon on the 4th is an incredible time to make manifestations if you’ve been wanting a promotion, better work relationships or a new job altogether – then take action a few days later, when a silver of the moon is visible. This isn’t a time to delay what you want – the cosmos are rewarding action this month, with all planets direct all month long. You’ll get a burst of energy around the 14th, when the planet of action, Mars, enters your sign. Make things happen for yourself, bulls!

Where you’ll spend Valentine’s Day – at a concert with a new crush.

Mars in your sign makes you a little more bold, so if you’ve had your eye on someone special, bulls, this is the time to shoot your shot! Ask your beloved to do something fun, light-hearted and creative. A fellow earthy Virgo full moon on the 19th falls in your 5th house of romance, flirting, entertainment, so you’ll be in the mood to celebrate life, play and express yourself. If you’re coupled, do something fun and creative with your love – 5th house is all about creative date nights and bringing back the romance!


Gemini –

You’ll spend the first ten days of February flying high with your ruler in a fellow air sign so you’re feeling in your element and extra chatty, twins. You’re dreaming big, thinking of the future and starting the month with a “now or never” vibe of making things happen for yourself. The unpredictable, exciting Mars and Uranus conjunction occurs in your 11th house of hopes, dreams and the larger public, so perhaps you channel your communicative energy to start a blog, a podcast or share what you believe in. The second half of the month will take a more dreamy vibe with Mercury moving into Pisces for nine weeks, the sign of it will go retrograde within. You twins are more sensitive to retrogrades so if you need to tie up a work project or file your taxes, get a head start on it now! You can review and reflect next month, when your planet heads backwards. Venus enters Capricorn on the 3rd of the month so if you need to get some financial ducks in a row, such as loans or taxes, she’ll grace you with some support. Saturn and Pluto sandwiching around Venus may result in some anxiety around how to share and merge with others. Allow this month to be a potent time of releasing fear and of acknowledging your shadow self.

Where you’ll spend Valentine’s Day- planning a trip abroad with your love

Jupiter continues to grace the sector of your chart ruling other people, so 2019 is going to be a sizzling time for romance! You could meet someone significant around the 6th of the month if you’re not already coupled, and the vibe you’re going into relationships with is one of growth and of experiencing new things together. If you are coupled, Jupiter can be a freeing, expansive influence so you may be in the mood to plan a trip abroad or just visualize with your love.


Cancer –


Expect February to be less about roses and chocolate and more about approaching your relationships with a business eye. Your energy is an investment – what is the return on your investment with the people you partner with? Saturn makes things more serious and Pluto is the transformer – so if you feel a call to move away from certain people, love yourself enough to prioritize yourself above them. You’re such a nurturing, kind energy you crabs can sometimes get involved in relationships that don’t truly honor all that you are and all that you give. February is for reviewing the exchange of exchange and hiring or firing people in your life as appropriate. Your ruler, the moon, has two beautiful celebrations with positive aspects this month – the Aquarius new moon on the 4th could be a beneficial time to make intentions around health, pets or work responsibilities. The Virgo full moon on the 19th illuminates the third house of communications, so you may receive an opportunity to learn a new skill or get more connected with those around you. There may be some conflicts or unexpected events come up at work, with Mars and Uranus gathering in Aries within your 10th house of career. Focus on being original, independent and dynamic in your work and don’t let drama with coworkers or higher ups distract you.

Where you’ll spend Valentine’s Day- cozy at home, in a bubble bath, sipping a glass of wine.

With the hectic, up and down energy at work and some renegotiations in the realm of your relationship relationships, a night at home might be sounding like just the ticket for you homebody crabs this February. The current Cancer North Node transit is about you prioritizing YOU – so gift yourself with a luxurious bubble bath, glass of red wine and celebrate Valentine’s Day by loving on yourself!


Leo –

Lions, your ruler is the sun, so you may be EXTRA excited for winter to be over than other signs. If you’ve been feeling a bit sluggish or drained, expect February to bring about a fresh rush of fiery energy that will tide you over until summer returns. Maybe a new love will be the heat you need to keep you warm through the end of summer? The new moon on the 4th illuminates your 7th house and makes a beautiful sextile to Jupiter gracing your 5th house of romance, so this month could be just the time to create intentions for a spicy new love interest. 5th house also rules creativity, so perhaps you create your intentions for a new art project you want to birth into the world. Focus on what excites you, lions! Chiron re-enters Aries this month until 2027, making a beneficial energy flow to your lion energies, so you may find you’re moving towards a powerfully healing time, a time of soul searching in what you stand for, creating your personal philosophy. Love is sizzling this month, as is money – Virgo full moon on the 19th could bring an increase in salary or a new job and Venus makes her way through your 6th house of work and health, allowing for relationships with coworkers and performance at work to flow smoothly. However, Saturn and Pluto are coupled in this zone for you as well, so if you feel like you aren’t being valued by the service you put into your work, evaluate how you can shift your work so you feel appreciated for what you do. Remember that you are meant to shine, Leos!


Where you’ll spend Valentine’s Day- at a business mixer, flirting with your hot coworker.


Virgo –


Virgos, you all are known for your mental analysis but this is the month to get out of your head and get into ACTION! Your ruler heads retrograde next month so February is your month to make things happen for yourself. Be flexible with the month, as it could be hectic with you all – but you’re mutable by nature, so your best course of survival is just going with the flow. You may feel especially hectic around the 19th, with the Virgo full moon in your sign. Mars in positive energy flow with Virgo full moon – all about empowering you to be bold, go after what you want, go after new horizons. You may receive some interesting proposals from those around you offering collaborations. Be wise with your energy – Saturn and Pluto hanging out in your 5th house of leisure activities has you really analyzing how or what you spend your sacred free time on, and if it’s worth it.


Where You’ll Be on Valentine’s Day – writing a romantic love letter to your bae.

Mercury enters Pisces in your 7th house of relationships on February 10th, the sector of your chart where it will go retrograde within. You’re more likely to be more communicative with those you are paired with – maybe channeling that dreamy, idealistic Piscean energy into a love letter or a song. If you’re single and someone has been catching your eye, let them know how you feel!


Libra –


Your ruler has been flying high all of January, playing with free-spirited Sagittarius and talking to expansive Jupiter. In February, she gets down to business. Venus enters Capricorn on February 3rd and you may find your dreamy, idealistic vibes transition into an evaluation of your relationships and whether or not they serve you. Be a bit business-minded this month and think of your energy as investment – what is the ROI? What purpose does this relationship serve? There is a departure energy indicated this month if there’s a relationship you haven’t been feeling valued in. This energy isn’t limited to romantic entanglements too – with Venus, Pluto and Saturn meeting up for a party in your 4th house of home, family and emotional state, this reevaluation could be with a family member, roommate or living situation. Be mindful around the 10-12th for an explosive blow-up when conflict-oriented Mars and unexpected Uranus meet up in your house of relationships.

Where You’ll Be on Valentine’s Day – at home, indulging in your creativity.

You have a fellow air sign new moon on the 4th in the “fun” house of the zodiac – your 5th house of creativity, entertainment and romance. You can set intentions for a fun new romance or indulge in a creative pursuit. When you embed yourself in sceneries and activities that inspire you, the right people are just magnetized towards you.


Scorpio –


Scorpions, you may find the February brings with it an interesting disconnect – your external world will feel like its booming but internally, you may feel a bit distraught or numb about it all. Venus, Saturn and Pluto all gather for a party in your 3rd house of immediate contacts, surroundings, communication and mental processing so you may find that you’re even more intense than normal. Utilize the energy by doing a deep house cleaning of your immediate environment, your network and your mindset. Wherever Pluto is asks us to transform – and you Scorpios know all about rebirth. So ease into the energy rather than fight it. Externally, though, you may receive some recognition this month. Rather than just engaging in surface level connections, your time is best spent this month focusing on the BIG picture – your hopes, your visions and your dreams, as you could receive accolades around the 19th of the month, when the Virgo full moon lights up your 11th house. This could manifest as a new position or a new passion project coming full circle. The outer world is your oyster but you may be feeling a slight disconnect with it all due to all the intensity ravaging your inner world. Try to ease up, Scorpions, and focus on the areas in your life that are REALLY working.  


Where You’ll Be on Valentine’s Day – romantic night in with your love with a nice bottle of wine and a delicious home cooked meal.

This is the month to shoot your shot, Scorpio, especially after the 14th, when your ruler enters the sector of your chart ruling partnership. This is a truly beneficial time to meet someone, but ensure it’s soulful, authentic, rather than just an on the surface connection. With Mercury in the 5th, you could be writing more creatively or romantically, writing poetry about your crush or penning your beloved a romantic love letter.


Sagittarius –


You Sagittarians are a sign of zest, luck and celebration and you were flying high all of January. That optimistic attitude and fiery nature blazes its way into February as well, and the month has all planets are direct! While this is your chance to shoot your shot, launch your project and get social before Mercury goes retrograde in March, please exercise caution. With the Jupiter and Neptune square off in January, it was about being idealistic and dreamy but this month is about Saturn, Pluto and Venus – so it’s getting all business. You may feel married to the money this month as you ask yourself – what is it that I value? What do I sacrifice to maintain it? Do I feel valued in my work? If you do not feel valued, this month offers an opportunity to transform your finances and your value system. Tame the optimism of last month and get real about money – Saturn asks you to get grounded about finances. Don’t spend money before it arrives, do things by the book and keep a budget.  You may receive an exciting promotion or professional opportunity on the 19th when the Virgo full moon illuminates your house of career, reputation and public persona.


Where You’ll Be on Valentine’s Day – Cozy night in with your lover. With Mars entering your 8th house on Valentine’s Day, a lot of your action energy is directed towards merging with your partner.


Capricorn –


You’ve pretty much got the whole cosmos hanging out with you in February, Capricorns, and it could result in February being a powerful shift for you mountain goats. You’re looking and feeling good in February with the planet of art, beauty and money gracing your sign. But she’s gathered there with with Saturn, Pluto and South Node, intense energies to say the least! However, you all are strong, courageous folk and you have a grand Earth trine in the second half of the month to support you, taking inspired action towards your goals. The Aquarius new moon on the 4th of the month sets up an intense time for you to set an intention regarding doubling your income, manifesting a new source of income or making an intention to value yourself more than you have. Saturn is bringing the destiny, the fate – if something ends, it need to, if something starts, it needed to.


Where You’ll Be on Valentine’s Day — having a hot date with someone who’s not your typical catch. Mars enters your 5th house and meets up with Uranus so you could meet someone super unexpected. The motto of Uranus is “expect the unexpected.” Allow yourself to break out of your typical type and keep your eyes wide open for the possibility.


Aquarius –


Happy birthday Aquarians! Social connections are your happy place this month. Jupiter continues to bless your 11th house of friendships, groups and organizations. You’re interested in expanding your network and letting your voice be heard. Mars and Uranus meet up in your 3rd house of communication and social media – you’ll be more apt to communicate, socialize, grow your social media following in February. Be proactive and take action towards what you want to communicate – with all planets direct and the planet of communication in your sign the first nine days of the month, the wind is in your sails. Where does your passion take you? Where do you feel invigorated? Then allow yourself to gravitate towards what gets your heart racing.


Where You’ll Be on Valentine’s Day – on a cute double date, trying a new dinner spot that opened up down the ground. This month is about connecting with new people and staying open to possibility.


Pisces –


Happy (almost) birthday fish! As you prepare for your season and your solar return, you may be feeling the urge to hide away and gather energy. You may spend the first portion of the month tying up loose ends, finishing up unfinished projects and getting all your ducks in a row in your internal world before the celebrating in your season begins. With Mercury in your sign in the later half of the month, you’ll be feeling more apt to communicate what you want, who you are and more exact about your already razor sharp intuition. The planet of action, Mars, makes its way through your 3rd house of communication so you may be feeling more chatty and wanting to get your word out there. The full moon on the 19th illuminates your 7th house of other people, so you may have a realization regarding your romantic relationship or business partnership. You fish love to dream but force yourself to get realistic about the people you deal with – see the reality of the person standing before you, rather than chasing the dream.


Where You’ll Be on Valentine’s Day – staying indoors, gathering energy before your big birthday season. Then no one can stop your shine come your solar return!


Haley Comet

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