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Aries – Aries, you are RUNNING, not walking into 2019, with fires blazing! Your ruler, Mars, enters your sign on Dec. 31, 2018 giving you a burst of energy to kick off the new year. You’re always most sensitive to what your planetary ruler is doing, so with its transit through Pisces in your 12th house throughout the month of December, you finished off the year feeling a bit more sleepy, out of it or...
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Aries –

Aries, you are RUNNING, not walking into 2019, with fires blazing! Your ruler, Mars, enters your sign on Dec. 31, 2018 giving you a burst of energy to kick off the new year. You’re always most sensitive to what your planetary ruler is doing, so with its transit through Pisces in your 12th house throughout the month of December, you finished off the year feeling a bit more sleepy, out of it or disconnected. Mars is all about action and effort and with its transit through the hidden 12th house, you likely have been feeling like your efforts have been wasted. That stops in January, rams. With 2019 beginning with your ruling planet in your native energy, you’ll be feeling the wind within your sails once again and feel like the energetic ram you typically are. You’ll finally feel like your actions have impact in a visible, tangible way – get ready to manifest at a much quicker pace. Channel your enthusiasm into a worthwhile creative project, professional pursuit or burn off some extra energy with a new form of exercise.


I know you rams like to go full steam ahead, but even though you’re feeling the swing of things, consider holding back launching anything significant in your life. It’s eclipse season, which can be a volatile energy. The first of the two eclipses in January on the 5th will fall in your 10th house of career, social status and reputation. 10th house is the most public part of the chart, so you may feel thrust into the public eye. You may feel as though your every movement is being scrutinized and you are stretched too thin amongst all of your responsibilities. Lunar eclipses are a new moon, which are a time for newness, yet this moon is gathered together with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node. January marks the time of fated new beginnings, but they won’t necessarily be easy ones. The new initiatives in your career and public persona will require hard work and perhaps a bit of sacrifice. You may find in January you have to let go of some aspect of your career. Maybe you finally wrap up a project, you say goodbye to a position or say farewell to an authority figure. The second eclipse, towards the end of the month, will be a lunar eclipse, the final eclipse of the Leo eclipse story. It’ll fall in your 5th house, so watch for a romantic relationship, creative project or your relationship with your kids to reach a culmination. With Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces, you’ll be apt to watch to escape the craziness and the busyness by dreaming, fleeing to a new country or escaping into your spirituality, but just hold tight for now – with “eclipse brain” you aren’t seeing the situation clearly. Use your increased energy to put towards initiatives you already have in motion.  


Taurus –

Grounded and reliable is what you bulls do best, Taurus, and I recommend taking a very steady approach to 2019. With Mars transiting your 12th house and eclipse season starting up, January will be a hectic, disorienting energy. Mars is our planet of action, and when its transiting the hidden house of our chart, we can feel like our efforts are being swallowed up. You may be all excited about your new year’s resolutions, but under this influence, you can feel like you can’t muster the energy or motivation to get anything done. But fear not, Taurus, because although your normally durable work ethic may feel wonky, dare to dream big for 2019 – the solar eclipse falls in your 9th house, which can indicate a positive new beginning in terms of your vision, of what you wish to create, of how you wish to expand your world. With South Node, Saturn and Pluto in your 9th house as well, there may be some sort of sacrifice to make before dedicating yourself to this vision – giving up one dream to choose one that is more practical. We can’t do it all in our lifetime, but we can do a whole lot. Choose the vision that makes your spirit soar. It’s okay to let go of those dreams you used to think you really wanted. You’re a fixed energy, so used to finishing what you set out to do – give yourself permission to be flexible with your life. You just get one!


Your ruler Venus is transiting your 8th house of shared resources, coupled up with lucky Jupiter. You could receive some support this month from other people, may it be financial or emotional support. Perhaps you receive a huge commission, a check from your Grandma, or some other lucky, unexpected break that requires little to no effort on your behalf. Score! The second eclipse on January 21st falls in your 4th house of home, family and emotional state, wrapping up the Leo North Node story. The end of the month could trigger some big changes tied to family, personal life, property or living situation – but this eclipse is on the North Node, so it’ll be all good changes.  You Taurus are typically pretty good with money but be extra mindful of not overspending to support a family member, friend or colleague – your ruler is coupled together with Jupiter and squaring Neptune, so you could be feeling extra generous and perhaps overidealistic about your finances.


Gemini –

Happy New Year, twins! Your ruler, Mercury, joins the sun in Capricorn on the 5th, so likely you’ll be feeling much more grounded, capable and managerial – time to put those New Year’s Resolutions to work, and put your actions where your mouth is! This month also kicks off eclipse season in a brand new axis – get ready for some powerful shifts around how you approach finances, possessions and value. The first eclipse of the month, on January 5th, affects your 8th house, and you may find you need to let go of some emotional, moral or financial support you’ve been receiving. Fear not, though, my Gemini suns, moons and risings because it’s simply freeing you up to be able to explore your own ability to provide for yourself. Eclipses trigger big, fated changes – so trust that any changes that occur this month are for your soul’s highest good.


There’s a certain heaviness this month, which you can leverage for your benefit if you seize it. Your ruler is found in the same sign as Pluto, South Node and Saturn, which are some intense celestial bodies to be working with – but some powerful ones. If you need to have a serious conversation with someone who has been supporting you, the 13th may be a positive day to plan for it, with your ruler meeting up with serious Saturn. You could experience some arguments around the 8th (your ruler squares Mars) and some power struggles on the 18th (your ruler meets up with Pluto) but by the end of the month you should be feeling much lighter and back to your carefree self. Work and health may be your saving grace this month – Venus and Jupiter make this sector of life feel easy, harmonious and pleasant.


Cancer –

You guys ready to kick off eclipse season? Eclipse season is crazy for everyone, but it’s even more hectic when our own sign is involved on one of the nodes of the moon – which it is, ps! On January 5th, you may be prompted to make a decision in the realm of interpersonal relationships in your life. You may have to put some work into a relationship (with Saturn near the eclipse), have to transform the relationship (Pluto)  or have to sacrifice some relationship (with it occurring on the South Node). Trust what your heart says, crabs, and if you have to say goodbye to a partnership that used to serve you, know that this eclipse is shaking you up to fast track you on your soul’s karmic path. Sometimes we have to let go of someone that used to make us really happy – and that’s okay for us to do. Trust in the ebb and flow, the rhythm of life – there are so many more beautiful connections for you to make in this lifetime, whether it’s romantic, friendly or professional. Even if it’s not physically letting go of a connection, you could need to adjust what you’re looking for in a partner or decide to get more serious (Saturn is all about streamlining) about the people you surround yourself with. You’ll feel this even more so if you’re a Cancer sun, moon or ascendant around the degrees of 13-17.  If you feel called to have an important conversation with someone, try to have it around the 13th of the month, when Mercury meets up with Saturn. So long as you’re grounded in your approach, it should be a productive conversation.


The second eclipse, on January 21st, finishes up the Leo North Node story we’ve been a part of for the last year and a half before we kick off exclusively eclipses in your and Capricorn energies. For you, crabs, this story was mostly about finances and how you value yourself. You could find that sector of your life coming full circle. A new unexpected financial opportunity could come your way towards the end of the month, but be rigorous in investigating the offer – Jupiter square Neptune could have you feeling a bit idealistic in what you want in a workplace.


Leo –

2019 brings back the FIRE, lions! In January, you have Venus and Mars making beautiful trine aspects to your Leo sun, moon or rising, giving you a burst of motivation, inspiration and joyfulness in a way that is supportive, rather than disruptive. January will have you feeling much more directed and intentional with your efforts. The two lucky planets of the zodiac, Venus and Jupiter, will be in your 5th house of entertainment, dating and flirting, so you make be feeling quite flirty to kick off the year – load up your social calendar and get to mingling! Plan something sexy and fun on January 18th, when Venus trines Mars.


Before you dart out the door to party the month away…you may need to make some time for hard work too. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! 2019 starts off with a lunar eclipse in your 6th house which can bring new beginnings in your workplace, in your health or in how you approach your daily routine. This eclipse is gathered together with Saturn, which can bring you lions some new duties or responsibilities. Saturn requires us to downsize, make more efficient, streamline our efforts in work. January could present an opportunity for you to free up your time from the work projects that suck up your time to dedicate your time to the projects that can really help you shine professionally. With South Node here, you could have to make some sort of sacrifice for your higher good – getting rid of some habits or errands that have been holding you back. If you have any New Year’s Resolutions about breaking an unhealthy pattern or some part of your routine that doesn’t support you, the cosmos are absolutely supporting your efforts. Your January ends with a lunar eclipse in your sign on the 21st, which is the final eclipse in the Leo North Node story. Early degree Leo sun, moons and ascendants will feel this culmination, this intense wrap-up the most – how have you transformed in the past year and a half? What big changes occured? Take some time to reflect on how far you’ve come, and celebrate that the eclipses will now be bothering Cancer and Capricorn, rather than you and Aquarius!


Virgo –

Virgos, it’s time for you all to shed outdated models of fun as we ease into 2019. The solar eclipse on the 5th could trigger some powerful new beginnings in dating, entertainment and amusement. With Saturn, Pluto and the South Node all gathered in this sector of your chart, you may be feeling much more serious and not in the mood to have fun. Truthfully, Virgos, the way you approach fun is shifting altogether. You may shift your expectations of what you expect in dating relationships or get more serious about the people you’re casually dating. Perhaps you reevaluate how you give and receive love, and uplevel your standards. You may lose interest in certain amusements that used to be fun for you to get more serious about your creative pursuits. You’ll be starting 2019 dedicated to being diligent about your time, your hobbies, your dates and your amusements, ruling your life with an iron fist.


Virgos, you are practical, grounded folk but the end of January creates an opportunity for you to dive inwards, into the spiritual aspects of yourself that don’t always make sense. January 21st triggers the final Leo eclipse in your 12th house, so you may feel some powerfully intuitive stirrings from deep within you. The eclipse could bring to light some addictive tendencies or subconscious dealings that have been holding you back. The 12th house journey for you, Virgos, has been all about your spirituality, alone time and those inner stirrings that bubble up from your subconscious mind. This journey is almost over – what have you learned this past year and a half about yourself? With this spiritual eclipse, this month is a good time to hole up at home with some alone time – Venus and Jupiter are in your 4th house of home, family and emotional state. Where these two benefics are located is a sector of life which flows easily, with luck and abundance, so January marks a beautiful time to renovate your home, spend time with loved ones, nurture others via cooking and give yourself a well-deserved break after the hectic holiday season.


Libra –

We’ll need your balanced nature even more in January, because eclipse season tends to get a bit rocky, Libras. On January 5th, you’ll begin to feel the tides rocking as the first solar eclipse hits your 4th house, which rules home, family and personal matters. Solar eclipses are about new initiatives and eclipses are the time for big, fated changes – so you may find yourself moving residences, taking on extra responsibilities in your family or dealing with some emotional heaviness in the month of January. Since this new moon is on the South Node, coupled up with Saturn and Pluto, the changes coming your way may require a lot of hard work and perhaps some sacrifices and some transformation. Eclipses are a fast track for our spiritual growth, so if some crazy changes rock you towards the beginning of the month, trust it’s for your highest good. The second eclipse, on January 21st, is the final eclipse of the Leo North Node story in your 11th house. Full moons are about culminations and fulfillment – so you may reach a conclusion surrounding friends, groups, organizations or wishes.


Your ruler meeting up with the other lucky planet, Jupiter, in your 3rd house, you may find that you benefit from communications this month. If you’ve been planning to dedicate more time towards your networking, social media or marketing efforts, Venus and Jupiter are there to support you to make them more beautiful and more harmonious. Lovely time to pick up a new skill or enroll in a class to begin 2019 on a positive note. With Mars transiting your 7th house of other people, you may direct more of your energy and attention towards one to one contacts or you may find your business partner or romantic partner is putting more pressure on you to achieve more. Other people can be pushing you to be more active and go after your goals – and with all of the action this month, they might be right! Venus makes a nice trine to Mars to give you good social graces (something you know well, Libra!) so plan an important business meeting or date around the 18th.


Scorpio –

You’re taking a no-nonsense approach to your problems, Scorpions. You aren’t wasting time with the red planet of action transiting the house of errands. We’re out of Santa season and now YOU’RE the ones who are making a list and checking it twice – your to-do list that is! Expect January to be busy,  You may experience some power struggles at work or competition amongst your coworkers – but you can expect the tension to lessen when your traditional ruler makes pleasant aspects to the two lucky planets of the zodiac, Venus and Jupiter, towards the end of the month. With these two planets gracing your 2nd house of money you earn, you could get some lucky financial breaks, an extra bonus or a new financial opportunity. Venus rules beauty, so perhaps you put your money towards purchasing a beautiful, valuable new object for yourself – treat yourself, Scorpios! If you have been planning a rather extravagant purchase, buy it towards the beginning of the year – when Venus squares Neptune on the 21st, you may be feeling over idealistic about your finances and apt to spend beyond your means.


January 5th is the first eclipse of the month, and it will take place in your 3rd house, which rules communication, media, marketing and skills. Eclipses rock us for the next six months, so you may feel called to make some major changes in your life in 2019.This eclipse is on the South Node, so there may be a theme of sacrifice that weaves its way through this new beginning – perhaps letting go of an old marketing plan to dive into one that is more supportive of you. With Saturn there, you’ll have to exert some discipline to streamline your efforts into the ones that are really working for you. However, end of the month will flow much easier, as the last Leo eclipse reaches its peak in the most public part of your chart, ruling career and public reputation. The first 8 degrees of Scorpio suns, moons and risings will feel this fulfillment, this culmination the most. You may receive some beneficial news tied to authority figures, your employment or your reputation, and you deserve it! You’ve worked hard this last year and a half.


Sagittarius –

Happy 2019 Sagittarius – don’t you feel like this is going to be a good one? You’re moving into your lucky year, with your ruler continuing its transit through your positive, uplifting energy. Venus is also blessing your sign this month, so you can expect to be even more charming, beautiful and agreeable than normal – bonus! You’ll have to fight off social invitations and dates with a stick. With the planet of action transiting your 5th house of amusements and pleasures, you’re the sign most likely to want to keep the party from the holiday season going. Why stop the party at New Year’s? January is a good month for fashion, parties, dating and creative pursuits!  You may be more aggressive about pursuing those you want to date – but these advances are likely to be well-received and gentle, especially if you make your move around the 18th of the month, when Venus, the planet of love, trines Mars.

The solar eclipse in your 2nd house on the 5th of the month is the first of its kind and OFFICIALLY kicks off eclipse season. There will be a new beginning for you in your finances. Expect a new beginning of how you spend, what you do with your money and finding an alternative source of income, if you’ve been looking. With South Node and Saturn gathered together with this eclipse, you may need to sacrifice some old stream of revenue to make room for this new financial opportunity or streamline how you earn your money to make it more efficient. You’re feeling the good, fiery vibes this month, Sagittarius, but don’t take unnecessary risks, do things by the book – Saturn is not fond of any get rich quick schemes! Your ruler squares Neptune this month, so be mindful of overindulging or being too idealistic – your optimism is a beautiful aspect of you, archers, but try to stay grounded so you don’t live beyond your means.


Capricorn –

Capricorns, you’re the sign which is in store for the biggest changes in the month of January – but you mountain goats can handle anything! The solar eclipse in your sign on the 5th will push you towards new, fated beginnings. With every beginning…comes some endings to make space for it, too. With Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and South Node all in your sign, you will come out of this eclipse season as a new you, into a new chapter, with an almost impenetrable exterior. Saturn asks us to streamline and reduce our efforts. You’ll feel this transformative, intense energy the most if you’re a Capricorn sun, moon or rising found between 11-18 degrees. Others may perceive you as being much more serious and focused this month – but do what you need to do to ground down in the midst of these changes. You all are a strong, capable sign you can handle anything – even eclipse season in your own energy.


You may be feeling some stress from family members with Mars in your 4th house. Be mindful not to be provoked. A good usage of this energy would be to fix things around your home and dedicate more of your time and energy towards spending time with them. Venus and Jupiter in your 12th house is your escape from all the madness – alone time and spirituality. Allow yourself to dive within the crevices of your own mind, spend lots of time gathering energy via rest or meditation to ground toward in all of the shifts. This too shall pass, mountain goats!


Aquarius –

It’s almost your season, Aquarians! Typically the month before our birthday is very active and with the eclipses triggering your 6th and 12th houses, you can expect January to kick off at a hectic pace. Eclipses tend to give us a NOW OR NEVER feeling, like we need to make major life decisions right here and right now. Give yourself permission to go slow and to spend time alone – the first eclipse of the month falls in your 12th house of isolation, subconscious processing and spirituality. Allow yourself to sleep, meditate and and gather energy. You all rule friendships, but give yourself some space if you need it. You’ll be feeling much more social towards the end of the month, when the second eclipse on January 21st activates your 7th house of other people. You could meet an important new partner, take your relationship to the next level, sign a fated contract or receive some other culmination in your partnerships.


As an air sign, Aquarius, you are all about the transmitting of information. With the spark plug of the zodiac, Mars, blazing his way through your 3rd house of communications, you could be super busy this month with activities connected to writing, speaking, sales and marketing. The sector of Mars is transiting we tend to be more aggressive in, so you could be aggressively pursuing new client contracts or putting full force behind your advertising efforts. From January 24 to the end of the month is a beautiful time to debut that poem or presentation you’ve been working on – with the planet of communication, Mercury, transiting your 1st house, you’ll be more concise, more exacting with your language and more well-received for your intellect.


Pisces –

What’s your wish for 2019, fish? If it’s an eclipse, you’re getting your wish! The year begins with a solar eclipse in your 11th house in the sign of Capricorn. You may kick off January with some important, fated developments surrounding your goals and friendships. Solar eclipses are a new moon energy so you may get sudden ideas of new long term, stable goals. This eclipse is on the South Node, so it may involve some themes of sacrifice – if you find yourself less passionate about a goal you’ve had for a long time, love yourself enough to let it go. Another frontier awaits you, fish, give your permission to create a new wish.


Pisces, your practicality isn’t a trait you are known for – try to stay as grounded as possible throughout all of the eclipse energy. Watch your pocketbook – Mars transiting the 2nd house can result in overextending your financial assets on objects you regret. Be particularly mindful around the 21st of the month, when the planet of money squares your ruler, Neptune, which rules illusion – you might buy into the dream someone is selling you and put money where your mouth is, to find it just evaporates into thin air. Stay grounded and focus on your career – with the two luckiest planets in your 10th house, you can expect pleasant, beneficial career dealings. If you’ve been itching for a promotion, you’re likely to be positively received if you ask for it this month.

Written by Haley Comet

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