DomesticPOLITICSELITES: Epstein and His Mansion of Horrors

A tangled web of co-conspirators—powerful, wealthy individuals who let him escape justice—and the light warriors attempting to save the day.
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A background into sex trafficking and a letter to the darkness

According to End Slavery Now, sex trafficking is defined as, “a crime when women, men and/or children are forcefully involved in commercial sex acts.” It is not prostitution; it is forced, fraudulent and coerced. Any person under the age of 18 engaging in commercial sex work is and in fact a sex trafficking. According to Global Research, sex trafficking has become the biggest business in America and “the second most-lucrative commodity traded illegally” behind drugs and guns.

When we think of sex trafficking some may see it as an overseas problem, that it can’t happen in the United States. National child advocacy groups are finding that more and more victims of sex trafficking are from the United States. Florida ranks number three of four top states for human trafficking. The other states include California, Texas and New York. An estimated 100,000 to 150,000 child sex trafficking victims are in the United States. According to the National Center for Missing and exploited children nearly 800,000 children are reported missing each year, leaving 300,000 American children at risk of becoming sexually exploited through human trafficking  These children are of all ages with some as young as 9 years old, with the average age for a girl sold is 13 years old. It is not just happening in inner cities and low income areas; it is running rampant throughout the country. It happens in our rural areas that run through the middle of our country and the suburbs with the white picket fences.

This sick, nightmare like abuse is inconceivably dark. Its perpetrators can masquerade as our next door neighbor or co-workers. However, more and more we are finding that they are also found at the top: politicians, financiers, wealthy individuals with power. After reading over a dozen articles, I feel like I need a drink—or five. This isn’t an episode of Criminal Minds or Law and Order: SVU. No, the bad guys are not going to be caught in 45 minutes and life returns to normal.

When I tell you this goes all the way to the top, it goes all the way to the fucking top. Who are the elites involved?

What role did each play? Do they all know? Is it one giant open secret? There is no telling the extent of involvement and even if they didn’t participate they had to at least know. In my book, knowledge of heinous act and doing nothing about it is worse than participation. Sin of omission is still a sin.

If the last two years has taught us anything it’s that the world, we think we live is not all glamourous as it seems. The darkness can be found behind Hollywood’s silver screen and in the confession rooms of the Catholic Church. The lawyers, federal agents, police officers, investigators, advocates and journalists who push, expose, and fight for justice are what I call the Light Warriors. The horrifying abuse of power by elites is almost everywhere in our lives, but it’s time is up.


Jeffrey Epstein

Born in 1953 in Brooklyn, New York to a stay-at-home mother and a New York City parks and recreation worker. Growing up on Coney Island, Epstein graduated from Lafayette High School at 16 years old. He attended classes at Cooper Union then New York University in 1971 but never received a degree. For two years, he taught calculus and physics at a private K-12 school in Manhattan. Between 1976-1981, Epstein began working for Bear Stearns where he became a limited partner. In 1981 he left to start his own financial management firm, J. Epstein & Co.

Supposedly, Jeffrey Epstein is a billionaire financier. He owns residences in New York; Palm Beach, Florida; Paris, France; Stanley, New Mexico; U.S. Virgin Islands. Sources has questioned his sum and mere existence of his wealth. There are no public records nor has there even been a released client list. The only client ever named is CEO Leslie Wexner of the L Brands that includes Victoria Secret and Bath & Body Works. No one knows how much he’s worth and Epstein has never made it in the Forbes 400 list because there is not determined source of his wealth.

Epstein’s web of wealthy, powerful friends include Bill Clinton, President Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, Ghislane Maxwell, Leslie Wexner, Prince Andrew, Harvey Weinstein and many more. Some of which would claim they did not know of Epstein’s sex-trafficking scheme and some would be named in the lawsuit as taking part.

A Pyramid Scheme of Abuse

On July 6, The Daily Beast was the first to report that sex-offender billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested by FBI-NYPD Crimes Against Children Task Force at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. Authorities raided Epstein’s New York City apartment in the Upper East Side July 6 into the early mornings of July 7. In Epstein’s apartment investigators found sexually explicit photos of young women and girls. According to ABC News, source say it was an undercover operation. On July 8, Epstein was indicted for abusing dozens of girls and asking these girls recruit more victims. Epstein was charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy and if convicted could face up to 45 years in prison. Forty-five years in prison could be a life sentence for Epstein who is 66 years old.

This is not the first time Epstein has been arrested for sex trafficking and sexual abuse of minors. In March of 2005, Palm Beach Police were told by parents of a 14-year-old girl that she was molested in Epstein’s mansion. From there the flood gates opened.

Epstein plead guilty to “soliciting and procuring  person under 18 for prostitution.” He spent 13 months of an 18-month sentence in the private wing of Palm Beach County Jail and was granted work release up to 16 hours a day. Epstein then had to register as a sex offender.  The plea deal that Acosta helped Epstein receive was a slap on the wrist and a big fuck you to the victims. What kind of justice is this? It proves justice means nothing if you have money. Epstein evaded the law once and probably left more victims in his wake. Not only did this plea deal screw over former victims but it allowed Epstein and his associates to continue to abuse more victims. Ten more years of victims. As of July 11, at least a dozen new victims have come forward since Epstein’s arrest. According to authorities, none of these new victims were a part of any previous law enforcement investigation.

In November of 2018 the Miami Herald published a three part series called the Perversion of Justice, exposing “the ultimate break” from justice Epstein face through a highly criticized plea deal. Journalist Julie K. Brown investigated the plea deal Epstein was given by then U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta. Brown’s investigative work identified nearly 80 victims of Epstein’s abuse between 2001- 2006 and interview eight on and off the record. Almost 20 years ago these victims were girls, minors, as young as 14 years old.

According to the series, Epstein paid cash to dozens of girls—as young as 14 years old—for nude massages that would result in masturbation, oral sex, and in one instance rape. Additionally, victims were asked and paid more to recruit more girls. One of Epstein’s victims said that at the age of 16 she had brought Epstein 70 to 80 new girls. All of which were in their early teens. Some girls said that Epstein had a Yugoslavian sex slave who was over the age of 18 to join the girls in sexual intercourse. Some of these girls—now women—said they also were paid to engage in sexual encounters with Epstein’s associates and friends.. Epstein’s connections are endless and full of powerful individuals and celebrities. It is hard not to question all of their knowledge and/or involvement.

Epstein’s victims weren’t from happy as apple pie, nuclear family homes. No, these girls were disadvantage, they come from abusive homes, single parent homes, and foster homes. Epstein preyed upon these girls who needed guidance, support and love. He took their vulnerability and he groomed, manipulated and took advantage of them. He would buy and send them gifts, tell them that he would take care of them. During interviews police were told by at least two girls that they were in love with Epstein.

As if the initial abuse wasn’t enough victims who came forward when the case first broke were exposed to secondary victimization. Epstein’s legal team degraded these survivors and labelled them as prostitutes. They were minors and well under the legal age of consent in Florida.

A Glimmer of Hope and Justice

Since his arrest, Epstein will be held at the Metropolitan Correction Center in lower Manhattan. According to ABC News, prosecutors urge that Epstein remain in custody until the July 15 hearing. Prosecutors say Epstein imposes a huge flight risk and is a danger to the case and the community.

As the case develops and trial pushes on, only time will tell what will come about in this case. Those who are involved in the scheme are probably trying hard to cover their tracks but it is too late. Epstein and co-conspirators in this hideous scheme will be brought to light.

Julie Cappiello

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